Lani Says RUBY’s gorgeous Runway Lipcolour at Last year’s NZ Fashion Week &  wearing that incredible Zambesi Dress at the VMA’s are the top of her list of Fashion highlights for 2011. We caught up with the lady behind LANISAYS.COM to find out about her blog, and what she’s looking forward to most at NZFF in 2012.

Find out more below and enter to WIN a double pass to a show OR Seminar of your choice at NZ Fashion Fest!

My name is… Leilani, or Lani for short, and I’m currently based in South Auckland.

I run a blog called Lani Says ( which I began in January last year after I learnt that my partner and I would be living on and off in New York for 2011. I love being able to write about the things I’m interested in and passionate about, as well as document my travels so the blog has become a mash up of fashion/music/food/online-journal type posts.


The official M.A.C NZFW 2011 FACECHART FOR LAST YEAR via

What stood out for me in NZ Fashion during 2011 was the makeup at the Ruby Fashion Week show, I loved the pale violet lips and it’s something that I’ve seen a lot of women wearing lately, including myself. The Twenty Seven Names presentation was pretty incredible and I loved the neon yellow and blue at the Zambesi show (I was also lucky enough to wear one of the dresses from their fashion week show at the music awards last year! )

For 2012 fashion, I’m  looking forward to seeing new Salasai collections, and how Dan Ahwa styles them, and I think it might also be the year I invest in some Lonely Hearts lingerie. I haven’t been to previous Fashion Festivals but this year I’m excited to experience as many shows and seminars as possible, I think I definitely need some help with my hair and makeup skills haha. I’ll hopefully be getting to hang with Katherine of Katherine is Awesome fame in my spare time too.

While I haven’t been before, the thing I’m consistently hearing from others as amazing and not to miss out on are the M.A.C seminars.

To me, NZ Fashion Festival is a great chance to see and experience what our talented designers have on offer, and to learn from experts in the industry in a personal and fun environment. Also, I’m secretly counting down the days to those designer garage sales!!


Just check out the Shows and Seminars over on iTicket here  and leave a comment below telling us what one you’d most like to go to!

*Winners drawn on Feb 19th


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About nzfashionfestival

Bigger and better than ever before, NZ Fashion Festival is back for 2012- with a brand new location at Auckland’s Shed 10, 5 completely different group shows plus daily hair, beauty and style seminars hosted by the likes of M.A.C and TRESemme... as well as a Designer Garage Sale and a host of FREE events, deals and shoes for you to enjoy around the city!


  1. madicattt says :

    I’d love to go to the shows for collections four or five or any of the mac seminars, but especially collection five. I love the group show idea!

  2. C says :

    Thanks for the interview with Leilani – stylish, hot, and hilarious!

    As for the shows/seminars – I’d have to say my ultimate would be Collections 4 as I have a wardrobe full of Ruby and have always dreamed of seeing a live show of theirs. But Collections 5 (Stolen Girlfriends, eek!) and the 5 Simple Steps to Become a Magazine Editor would be close behind. Looks like it’s going to be amazing!

  3. AV says :

    Love Lani Says!

  4. Jess Scott says :

    Definitely collection 4 LOVE LOVE LOVE Ruby and lonely hearts. But then again Stolen Girlfriends always put on a good show. The Mac seminars sound really tempted to max the credit card to get tickets to!

  5. Kelly says :

    i’d love tickets to collection 4 or five…. both amaze

  6. Donna says :

    Love! Oh and I’d love to go the “On Trend” MAC seminar or either Collections 4 or 5. Yay!

  7. Sarah Leota says :

    Collection 4 looks great! Thanks NZ Fashion Festival and LaniSays 🙂

  8. Sharna-Lee Packer says :

    Yay! I love Lani Says, and am always reading her posts. Thanks for the little bit of extra insight. In all honesty I’ve never been exposed to the fashion world (living in a small slooooww town), but it seems exciting, and anything that expels individual creativity gets my heartbeat going 100miles an hour.
    I begin my Bachelors degree in Communications on the 5th of March so getting a taste of something like this would open another part of my mind – and maybe a whole new world to explore. I would love to attend the “5 simple steps to becoming a magazine editor” and even a show just to see what it’s all about. Thanks NZfashionweek 🙂

  9. taliakb says :

    I’d love to go to either Collection 1 or Collection 4, or any of the MAC seminars. Love Lani Says 🙂

  10. PJ says :

    Love the lanisays blog! Would love to go to fashion festival, especially to the Mac Techniques and Collection 4! There is some amazing stuff coming out of NZ designers lately!

  11. Esther Chan says :

    I would love to go to to the NZ fashion festival as I’ve never attended any fashion shows or events before. I am interested in working for a magazine in the future so I’d love to attend 5 Simple Steps To Become A Magazine Editor.

  12. Penina Momoisea says :

    Lani Says Rocks!
    Would love to see Collections 1 or 5 or to one of the Mac technique seminars

  13. Jade says :

    Love Lanis blog, love following it! Would love to go to Collections 4 or 5!

  14. Katherine says :

    I want to hang out with you too!

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