From Eco Friendly Threads to Front Row Tweets…Katy Thomas, fashion reporter from the Erin Simpson Show on TV2  and blogger at iamKaty Thomas tells us what she’s most looking forward to at this years Fashion Fest!

TELL US WHICH SEMINAR OR SHOW YOU’D MOST LIKE TO GO TO…to enter, comment below and you will be in to WIN a DOUBLE PASS to the event of your choice! 

Katy at NZFW 2011

My name is…Katy Thomas and I’m the fashion reporter from the Erin Simpson Show on TV2  and @iamkatythomas on twitter

My blog is and that is…A New Zealand fashion and style blog.  It’s a place for me to share all my tv shows and behind-the-scenes photoshoots, fashion gossip and fashion industry gossip.  I do quite a bit of modeling so I usually give my blog readers a sneaky peak of campaigns I’m in before they the magazines or tv screens.

It’s an opportunity for me to talk to other fashionistas, young models and talent.  I also get given a lot of awesome goodies to giveaway to my blog readers which is pretty awesome-sauce

How did you get into it?

I’ve been modeling since I was 13 and the Erin Simpson Show found me when I was hosting the Fashion Week wrap party and the offered me the job!  Since then I’ve been a guest writer for heaps of different blogs and magazines like Thread, CLEO, Gloss.  I was taking some time out from Christmas present wrapping and BOOM! I made a blog… it sort of shocked me how quickly it’s grown!  It’s fantastic and very exciting.

To me, the best part about NZ Fashion Festival is…

That it’s all about the shopper, the fashion lover, the girl or guy who just loves New Zealand fashion.  They can get up close and personal with our talented local designers, fashion models, magazine editors and blogger.  You can literally buy the clothes straight off the runway!  That’s something you just can’t do at Fashion Week!  It’s so much fun, it’s so social and interactive – you can have a glass of champagne and translate the trends straight into your wardrobe.  What’s not to love about that? I can’t wait!

What stood out for me in NZ Fashion during 2011 was…

The diversity.  At Fashion Week we saw neon brights at Zambesi and ladylike tulle at Annah Stretton and hipster cool had never been, well, cooler

The thing(s) I’d pick to watch out for in 2012 are…

I think recycled fashion is going be bigger than ever.  Thinking vintage and paisley prints, 20’s inspired hemlines, hair and makeup and an overall return to good design.  Fashion will be more idiosyncratic and innovative as fashionistas want handmade, bespoke and one-off items.  A greater focus on the individual, rather than the fashion victim.
I also predict an interesting new direction for Little Brother with Isaac Hindin-Miller at the helm of the creative team.  A big year for 2012 kiwi fashion.

At previous fashion festivals you would most likely to find me…

Front row centre, tweeting photos from the runway to twitter!

At Fashion Festival in 2012 I’ll be…

Doing exactly the same!  I love the immediacy of twitter – sharing the joy and excitement of a fashion show in real time.  Really looking forward to all the Fashion Speed Dating and all the collection shows; going to be so much fun!

What I’m looking forward to most about this years Fashion Festival is…

The Fashion Speed Dating; I have no idea what to expect or what will happen but it’s bound to be a bit saucy and a lot of fun!

If there’s one thing you can’t miss about the Festival this year, it’s…
The Bendon Collection always has a serious WOW factor.  And if I know WORLD, that will be a must-see show.

TELL US what show or seminar you’d most like to see and win a DOUBLE PASS to the event of your choice! 

TO ENTER  just leave a comment below or tweet us @NZFashionFest.

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About nzfashionfestival

Bigger and better than ever before, NZ Fashion Festival is back for 2012- with a brand new location at Auckland’s Shed 10, 5 completely different group shows plus daily hair, beauty and style seminars hosted by the likes of M.A.C and TRESemme... as well as a Designer Garage Sale and a host of FREE events, deals and shoes for you to enjoy around the city!


  1. Esther Chan says :

    I’m really looking forward to the NZ Fashion Festival. It’s going to be amazing. The seminar I’d most like to go and see would be 5 Simple Steps to become a Magazine Editor.

  2. Debra Stratford says :

    Hi I’d love to go to MAC TECHNIQUE – BACK TO BASICS. PS: Katy – where are those boots from?!?!.. LOVE.

    • iamkatythomas says :

      Hi Debra! MAC Technique sounds like fun doesn’t it? My boots are from Karen Walker – they are made of this crazy Brazillian leather, which is really thick but soft to touch 🙂 Might see you there! xx

  3. Anthony VandenHeuvel says :

    Would love to go to the viva live show on wednesday 29th feb.7pm thankyou!

  4. Veema Lodhia says :

    Hi guys, how can one choose just one show, but if I have too… I would LOVE to go to collection 1, I love the eccentric mix that these designers provide. The collections from Salasai, Moochi, Strom and Neverblack do not ever fail to empress! Really excited to see how the pieces are styled from these designers for winter 2012. Fashion Heaven 🙂

  5. Ellen says :

    Hi! im so excited for New Zealand fashion festival! i have been trying to decide for days which show i want to go to! they all have such a great mix of designers! Im also a fashion blogger so i want to go to a show with interesting clothes i can blog about and a show where i can get a good front row seat to take photos and notes! i love supporting New Zealand designers because i think we have some great fashionistas in the country!I think if i ever won this competition i would love to go to see collection 4 because it has Ruby! it would be such an amazing night and i would love to go to a show and meet Katy tehe!!
    eeekk fingers crossed!



  6. Amy Lee says :

    Hiya i would love to go to collection 4 or 5 because my three favourite designers are RUBY, Stolen Girlfriend’s Club and Lonely Hearts! This would be my first Fashion Festival, i was squiggling with excitement when the tickets were on sale and winning tickets would make me burst!

  7. loretta says :

    would love to go to COLLECTIONS 3 – VIVA NIGHT!

  8. iamkatythomas says :

    @Amy I am definately using “squiggling” in a sentence today! Such a wicked word! You’ll love your first Fashion Festival – it’s going to be so much fun 🙂

  9. ellen says :

    i posted my comment but it hasnt shown up?

  10. Kaan says :

    Would love to go to the Remix Editorial Fashion Workshop, just for a chance to see how Garth Badger works.(Big fan of his work)

  11. Danika Allen-McAuliffe says :

    I would love to go to the Friday 2nd March show and see the the 5th lot of collections pretty please 🙂

  12. Maria says :

    I would love to go to collection #5. Cant wait for FashionFest!

  13. Kelly says :

    Great blog Katy! I’d really like to see collection 4 on the thursday night! xx

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